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Illinois, USA

Illinois, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Ida Elnora  20 Dec 1878Illinois, USA I10796
2 Bachman, Mary E   I5094
3 Booher, Louise Pearl  03 Mar 1920Illinois, USA I3234
4 Boyer, Eugene E.  Mar 1860Illinois, USA I5095
5 Boyer, Zetta M  Jul 1887Illinois, USA I4844
6 Brewer, Florence Violet  Abt 1906Illinois, USA I9371
7 Brock, Dalton   I5719
8 Bruning, Elmer Eugene  Abt 1934Illinois, USA I5710
9 Burkhart, Christian  Abt 1860Illinois, USA I9209
10 Burkhart, Fredrick  Abt 1862Illinois, USA I9210
11 Chester, William P.  1875Illinois, USA I1767
12 Christman, Charles E  Abt 1877Illinois, USA I9213
13 Curry, Pleasant Ellis  1859Illinois, USA I5520
14 Day, Harry S  Feb 1863Illinois, USA I7053
15 Doenitz, Betty Lou  06 Aug 1926Illinois, USA I9374
16 Doenitz, Donald  Illinois, USA I9393
17 Doenitz, Elmer E  14 Jun 1925Illinois, USA I9373
18 Doenitz, Floyd  Abt 1932Illinois, USA I9375
19 Doenitz, Gene   I9376
20 Doenitz, Robert D   I9402
21 Dutton, Stella  Abt 1900Illinois, USA I5820
22 Grady, Alice M  Abt 1893Illinois, USA I10821
23 Hammel, Jacob John  1857Illinois, USA I1142
24 Henricks, Henry Albert Jr   I10812
25 Hoover, Louise Lulu Myrtle  Feb 1878Illinois, USA I1549
26 Jones, George A  Jul 1854Illinois, USA I3362
27 Kaehne, Robert W  19 Jul 1918Illinois, USA I3628
28 Kaufman, Charles F  1861Illinois, USA I2842
29 Keen, Olive Barbara  17 Jan 1884Illinois, USA I9837
30 Kennedy, Unknown   I4328
31 Kern, Arabella   I10032
32 Kernan, Annie M   I9369
33 Knebler, John Joseph  11 Apr 1873Illinois, USA I5542
34 Leonberger, James Frederick  Abt 1897Illinois, USA I5821
35 Lowder, Donald R  18 Mar 1924Illinois, USA I10431
36 Meier, Tenie Gertrude  08 Feb 1867Illinois, USA I3883
37 Merkle, Edwin  29 Sep 1916Illinois, USA I11146
38 Merkle, Orelda   I11156
39 Moffett, Cleta Mae  09 Jul 1889Illinois, USA I434
40 Mongelli, Rosemarie   I12033
41 Musselman, Gus R  Feb 1862Illinois, USA I2002
42 Nadan, Harriette B  Oct 1865Illinois, USA I7054
43 Obenland, Florence Louise  20 Oct 1907Illinois, USA I3060
44 Obenland, Florence Mildred  24 Mar 1912Illinois, USA I1669
45 Obenland, Herbert Allen   I1120
46 Obenland, Robert Marvin  15 Jun 1947Illinois, USA I2331
47 Philpott, Frank Esmund Jr.   I12243
48 Piggott, Marion  14 Apr 1909Illinois, USA I6335
49 Pigott, Theron A  Apr 1900Illinois, USA I6338
50 Radford, Alice   I10824

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bruning, Kenneth Allen  26 Nov 1973Illinois, USA I5747
2 Doenitz, John G  11 Oct 1889Illinois, USA I9216
3 Doenitz, Otto  22 Apr 1930Illinois, USA I1251
4 Muller, Louisa M  11 Jul 1896Illinois, USA I9217
5 Obenland, George Henry  13 Nov 1954Illinois, USA I1898
6 Pigott, Theron A  Jan 1909Illinois, USA I6338
7 Zenor, John Squire  21 Jul 1961Illinois, USA I9212


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bauer, Susan Hannah  Sep 1855Illinois, USA I1812
2 Brock, Dalton   I5719
3 Burtz, Theodore Ben  Feb 1879Illinois, USA I5370
4 Curry, Pleasant Ellis  Abt 1859Illinois, USA I5520
5 George, Nellie L  Abt 1881Illinois, USA I6337
6 Grady, Alice M  Abt 1894Illinois, USA I10821
7 Hennessy, Laura Christine  Illinois, USA I5812
8 Hoover, Louise Lulu Myrtle  Illinois, USA I1549
9 Jones, William  1872Illinois, USA I3090
10 Jones, William  1872Illinois, USA I3090
11 Jones, William  Nov 1875Illinois, USA I3090
12 Kernan, Annie M   I9369
13 Mackey, Mary T  May 1866Illinois, USA I5096
14 McHugh, George Walter  Abt 1911Illinois, USA I6691
15 Obenland, Christian Frederick Edward  1898Illinois, USA I3856
16 Radford, William J  Abt 1891Illinois, USA I10822
17 Rains, Mattie  Illinois, USA I3941
18 Robinson, Rebecca  Abt 1893Illinois, USA I5522
19 Sapp, Joseph Benjamin  Illinois, USA I1757
20 Sharpe, Elizabeth Lucy  Abt 1897Illinois, USA I6927
21 Unknown, Mary Helen  Abt 1891Illinois, USA I5090
22 Winterrowd, Irene Bessie  1912Illinois, USA I621


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Henne, Gilbert C   I10789
2 Shields, Raymond Robert  1940Illinois, USA I9351


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Halterman, Ephraim  Oct 1864Illinois, USA I1139

SSN issued

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    SSN issued    Person ID 
1 Amos, Ronald G "Butch"  Illinois, USA I1789
2 Baker, Betty Lou  Illinois, USA I1786
3 Booher, Harold Leland  Illinois, USA I2765
4 Booher, Louise Pearl  Illinois, USA I3234
5 Castillo, Carlos A.  Illinois, USA I3981
6 Chester, Edith Marie  Illinois, USA I1766
7 Fetters, Amy  Illinois, USA I1276
8 Hammerli, Wilhelmina  Illinois, USA I1110
9 Hund, Emil George  Illinois, USA I3093
10 Lawson, Robert  Illinois, USA I4355
11 Manuel, Malissa A.  Illinois, USA I923
12 Murton, Helen Jane  Illinois, USA I1997
13 Obenland, Carl Raymond  Illinois, USA I2093
14 Obenland, Christian Frederick Edward  Illinois, USA I3856
15 Obenland, Christian Henry  Illinois, USA I2053
16 Obenland, Donald Leon  Illinois, USA I3806
17 Obenland, Dora Martha  Illinois, USA I3805
18 Obenland, Dorothy Mae  Illinois, USA I3930
19 Obenland, Florence Mildred  Illinois, USA I1669
20 Obenland, Herman Everett  Illinois, USA I2281
21 Obenland, John Fredrick  Illinois, USA I2956
22 Obenland, Melvin Christian  Illinois, USA I2860
23 Obenland, Robert Emery Sr  Illinois, USA I2340
24 Obenland, Stella May  Illinois, USA I4146
25 Phillips, Laura Luella  Illinois, USA I1525
26 Pinnick, Alta Mae  Illinois, USA I105
27 Preiss, Emily R  Illinois, USA I1054
28 Shumate, Ruby Mae  Illinois, USA I3937
29 Stonestreet, Lowell Kent  Illinois, USA I2676
30 Towner, John Gordon  Illinois, USA I3326
31 Vielleiber, Emma F  Illinois, USA I1346
32 Vielleiber, Rose J  Illinois, USA I1237
33 Wells, Gerald Clyde  Illinois, USA I3260
34 Whiteman, Kenneth Eugene  Illinois, USA I3435
35 Whiteman, Marjorie Jean  Illinois, USA I2174
36 Zeller, Henry Obenland  Illinois, USA I662
37 Zeller, Miles August  Illinois, USA I664
38 Zeller, William R  Illinois, USA I3269


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Flaugher / George  Between 1910 and 1920Illinois, USA F2410
2 McHatton / Daniels  Abt 1923Illinois, USA F3715


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Pigott / George  Between 1910 and 1920Illinois, USA F2409