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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
51 S738 1930 United States Federal Census
52 S733 1940 United States Federal Census
53 S92 500 Years of Obenland Family
54 S4901 81 Applicants Pass Bar Exams
The Indianapolis Star 
55 S1628 Aaron Gaston Leffler Obituary
The Shelbyville News 
56 S4522 Abraham Hoover Memorial
57 S2269 Abraham L Lane Burial Record
58 S2268 Abraham L Lane Death Record
59 S2270 Abraham L Lane Memorial
60 S3413 Abraham Meiding Birth and Death Record
61 S1807 Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots
Hatcher, Patricia Law 
62 S4736 Acadia, Canada, Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1757-1946
63 S264 Ada Carlson Obenland Burial Record
64 S516 Ada Carlson Obenland Obituary
65 S277 Ada Carlson Obenland Tombstone
66 S4077 Ada M Doenitz Memorial
67 S4847 Ada Mae Kupferschmid Drasil Memorial
"Grave Tracker" 
68 S4845 Ada Mae Kupferschmid Drasil Obituary
The Burlington Hawk Eye 
69 S1547 Adam Balthasar Weintraut and Weda Pearl Crosby Marrisge Record
70 S1550 Adam Balthasar Weintraut Memorial
71 S3101 Adam Friedrich Barth and Christiane Friederike Schmid Marriage Record
72 S3100 Adam Friedrich Barth Birth and Christening Record
73 S3607 Adam Friedrich Obenland and Elisabete Katharine Kurz Marriage Record
74 S3595 Adam Friedrich Obenland and Friederike Karoline Sieber Marriage Record
75 S3594 Adam Friedrich Obenland and Regine Friedrike Kloepfer Marriage Record
76 S2951 Adam Obenland Birth and Christening Record
77 S4127 Addison Carl Obenland Burial Record
78 S4047 Adelaide Johnson and George W Wells Marriage Record
79 S4048 Adelaide Johnson and George W Wells Marriage Record #2
80 S1181 Adeline A Jaehnen Obituary
THe Journal News 
81 S4567 Adine Elaine Smith Stone
The Yakima Herald-Republic 
82 S3491 Adolf Friedrich Obenland Birth, Christening and Death Record
83 S3700 Adolf Gaeckle Birth and Christening Record
84 S3585 Adolf Hermann Michelfelder Birth, Christening and Death Record
85 S2723 Adolf Karl Sailer Birth and Christening Record
86 S3502 Adolf Wuchrer Birth and Christening Record
87 S614 Adolph Emil Obenland California Death Certificate
California Bureau of Vital Statistics 
88 S76 Adolph Glotz Death Record
89 S3031 Adolph Julius Belssner Christening Record
90 S4766 Agnes Amelia Boberg Elliott Death and Funeral Notice
The Indianapolis Star 
91 S1714 Agnes Amelia Elliott Memorial
92 S1716 Agnes Amelia Elliott Obituary
The Indianapolis Star 
93 S3967 Agnes Bertsch Ronalter Death Record
94 S2161 Agnes Brooklyn Obenland Birth Record
New York Municipal Archives 
95 S2159 Agnes Brooklyn Obenland Toppin Burial Record
96 S1177 Agnes Catharine Hiltz Roell Memorial
97 S4416 Agnes E Curry Irwin Burial Record
Alto-Reste Park Cemetery Association, Inc 
98 S3848 Agnes Haffner Christening Record
99 S3849 Agnes Haffner Death Record
100 S3839 Agnes Hartstein Christening Record

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