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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
201 S1799 Andrew January Grundy Memorial
202 S1814 Andrew McConnell January Death Record
203 S4408 Andrew William Keen Burial Record
Alto-Rest Park Cemetery Association 
204 S4402 Andrew William Keen Memorial
205 S4401 Andrew William Keen Obituary
The Altoona Mirror 
206 S1159 Angela M Zins Prickel Memorial
207 S1161 Angela M Zins Prickel Obituary
208 S1060 Angela Marie Andriacchi Rallo Memorial
209 S4836 Angela Pauline Fasbinder Ferkinhoff Memorial
Mike Porter 
210 S4742 Angelina A Rosenauer Memorial
211 S2120 Anges Brooklyn Obenland High School Graduation
The Brooklyn Daily Eagle 
212 S2160 Anges Brooklyn Obenland Toppin Burial Record #2
213 S505 Anita Kensler Obenland Obituary
214 S2179 Ann Hunter Scott Death Announcement
The Public Ledger 
215 S982 Anna A Bachman Burtz Memorial
216 S918 Anna Bachman Rahn
217 S3891 Anna Barbara Bader Christening Record
218 S3882 Anna Barbara Ditzinger Birth Record
219 S4027 Anna Barbara Kromer Christening Record
220 S4015 Anna Barbara Reiff Christening Record
221 S3949 Anna Barbara Reuetter Christening Record
222 S3893 Anna Barbara Zimmerer Christening Record
223 S3895 Anna Barbara Zimmerer Death Record
224 S608 Anna Bartenbach
225 S4590 Anna Bess Riebel Thibo Death Certificate
Ohio Department of Health 
226 S3812 Anna Catharina Bertsch Christening Record
227 S3936 Anna Catharina Burckhart Christening Record
228 S3885 Anna Catharina Cammerer Birth and Death Record
229 S3991 Anna Catharina Henger Bertsch Death Record
230 S3747 Anna Catharina Hunnemoerder Death and Burial Record
231 S3979 Anna Catharina Knaur Christening Record
232 S3984 Anna Catharina Knaur Christening Record - 1702
233 S3983 Anna Catharina Knaur Death Record
234 S3410 Anna Catharina Obenland and Johann Caspar Hunnemoerder Marriage Record
235 S3408 Anna Catharina Obenland Birth and Death Record
236 S4021 Anna Catharina Reiff Christening Record
237 S3746 Anna Catharine Hunnemoerder Birth, Christening and Death Record
238 S2877 Anna Christina Obenland and Johann Michael Obenland Marriage Record
239 S2317 Anna Christine Fehrle Zeiser Burial Record
240 S1842 Anna Davis Sharpe Burial Record
241 S1917 Anna Davis Sharpe Membership
The Lexington Herald 
242 S462 Anna Dora Bartenbach Death Record
Philadelphia, PA city Death Certificates, 1803-1915 
243 S4099 Anna Dormann Schick Death Record
244 S3987 Anna Elisabeth Knaur Christening Record
245 S3399 Anna Elisabeth Mueller Birth Record
246 S4000 Anna Elisabeth Ronalter Christening Record - 1697
247 S3995 Anna Elisabeth Ronalter Christening Record - 1698
248 S3999 Anna Elisabeth Ronalter Christening Record - 1702
249 S3817 Anna Elisabetha Bertsch Christening Record
250 S1333 Anna Elizabeth Bachmann and Peter Joseph Weintraut Marriage Certificate

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