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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
151 S4115 Alexander Bart Obituary
152 S2054 Alexander Burton Morgan Memorial
153 S1176 Alexander J Roell Memorial
154 S2378 Alfred Burton Obenland Jr and Hannah E Moyer Marriage Record
155 S2372 Alfred Burton Obenland Jr Burial Record
156 S2368 Alfred Burton Obenland Sr Burial Record
Sunset Memorial Park 
157 S4267 Alfred F Bauer Obituary
The Morning Call 
158 S580 Alfred Geiger email
159 S90 Alfred Geiger Letter and Family Tree
160 S811 Alfred John Stirnkorb Memorial
161 S2334 Alfred Obenland Killed With Aunt and Uncle
The News-Gazette 
162 S2294 Alfred Ross Obenland Letter to Cecilia Obenland Backhaus Joder
Alfred Ross Obenland 
163 S1258 Alfred Stephen Tuchfarber and Stella M Gardner Marriage Record
164 S562 Alfred Zeller Nida Memorial
165 S975 Alfreda P Dillon Peters Memorial
166 S1345 Alice B Howe Yoe Memorial
167 S507 Alice Baker Finning Interview With Cecilia Obenland Backhaus Joder
168 S3758 Alice Baker Finning Interview With Cecilia Obenland Backhaus Joder
169 S2086 Alice Jane Ladner and Jack Weber Marriage Announcement
The Woodbury Daily Times 
170 S1784 Alice Norton Sage Burial Record
171 S1785 Alice Norton Sage Memorial
172 S415 Alicia Adelaide Obenland and Harry Lee Bailey Application for Marriage License
Champaign County, IL 
173 S766 Allan A Kirchner Obituary
174 S1987 Alma E Unknown Hollingsworth Memorial
175 S4181 Alma Jager Oberland Burial Record
Arlington Cemetery 
176 S4106 Alma W Jager Oberland Obituary
The Chicago Tribune 
177 S999 Alvina Frances Orth Peters Memorial
178 S998 Alvina Frances Orth Peters Obituary
The Chanute Tribune 
179 S1743 Ama Jemima Simmons Crail Memorial
180 S3028 Amalie Elisabeth Eisenmann and Christoph Friedrich Belssner Marriae Record
181 S3557 Amalie Sophie Obenland and Paul Gottlieb Gottfried Trueber Marriage Record
182 S3792 Amanda Bertha Hennig Koepsell Memorial
183 S4366 Amber Lorraine Rishel Keene Obituary
The Centre Daily Times 
184 S4657 Amelia Kishke Norkelunas Burial Record
185 S4659 Amelia Kishke Norkelunas Obituary
The Democrat and Chronicle 
186 S685 Amelia M Banacott Dyer Memorial
187 S697 Amelia M Unknown Dyer Memorial
188 S942 Amelia Stoll Peters Memorial
189 S673 Amy Fetters Booher Tombstone
190 S4799 Anastasia Eualia Honorata Riedeman Schultz Memorial
191 S2399 Andreas Baumann and Anna Magdalena Kuppinger Marriage Record
192 S3927 Andreas Burkhard Birth and Christening Record
193 S3928 Andreas Burkhard Birth and Christening Record - 1788
194 S4219 Andreas Gottlob Deininger Birth Record
195 S4005 Andreas Hartstein and Anna Maria Henger Marriage Record
196 S3994 Andreas Hartstein and Anna Ronalter Marriage Record
197 S3837 Andreas Hartstein Christening Record
198 S3872 Andreas Hartstein Death Record
199 S3435 Andreas Strittmatter Birth Record - 1793
200 S1118 Andrew G Bogner Sr Obituary
The Wichita Eagle 

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