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Matches 101 to 150 of 4857

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 #  Source ID   Title, Author 
101 S3867 Agnes Hartstein Death Record
102 S3981 Agnes Knaur and Matthaeus Reinhart Marriage Record
103 S3825 Agnes Knaur Christening Record
104 S3980 Agnes Knaur Christening Record - 1684
105 S2154 Agnes Magee Obenland Burial Record
The Evergreens Cemetery 
106 S4629 Agnes Magee Obenland Death Certificate
City of New York 
107 S2402 Agnes Maria Warthmann Birth and Christening Record
108 S4006 Agnes Reiff Christening Record
109 S3902 Agnes Zimmerer Christening Record
110 S2303 Al Obenland Letter To Cecilia Obenland Backhaus Joder
Alfred Ross Obenland 
111 S198 Alabama Marriage Collection, 1800-1969
112 S1155 Alban D Prickel Obituary
113 S349 Albert Arthur Obenland and Della Durham Family Worksheet
114 S143 Albert Arthur Obenland and Della Durham Marriage Record
115 S4 Albert Arthur Obenland Obituary
116 S4278 Albert Bathurst Memorial
117 S2042 Albert Breckner and His Woodworking Business
The Woodbury Daily Times 
118 S2040 Albert Breckner Memorial
119 S2041 Albert Breckner Working For Strawbridge and Company
The Bridgeton Evening News 
120 S1657 Albert C Roell Obituary
The Indianapolis Star 
121 S2887 Albert Carl Gottlieb Adelhelm Christening Record
122 S1095 Albert Carl Sundet Memorial
123 S1658 Albert Charles Roell Memorial
124 S643 Albert Di Stefano Memorial
125 S2363 Albert F Sellenheim Death Notice
The Philadelphia Inquirer 
126 S2100 Albert Frederick Backhaus and Hattie Smith Marriage Record
127 S2759 Albert Friedrich Berkemer Birth and Christening Record
128 S2612 Albert Friedrich Spahr and Martha Emma Kurz Marriage Record
129 S1525 Albert George Weintraut Jr Memorial
130 S1523 Albert George Weintraut Jr Obituary
The Shelbyville News 
131 S764 Albert George Weintraut Memorial
132 S3599 Albert Gustav Unkel Birth and Christening Record
133 S153 Albert Gustave Preiss Illinois Death Certificate
134 S2927 Albert Karl Nesch Birth and Christening Record
135 S2376 Albert Kaup and Lizzie C Moody Marriage Record
136 S1138 Albert Lewis Gloshen Gravestone Photo
137 S1488 Albert Louis Gloshen and Lillie Shackle Marriage Record
138 S1489 Albert Louis Gloshen and Lillie Shackle Marriage Record
139 S1139 Albert Louis Gloshen Coroner's Certificate of Death
Indiana Department of Vital Records 
140 S4122 Albert Mazur Memorial
141 S660 Albert N Butler Jr Memorial
142 S193 Albert N Butler Sr Memorial
143 S3078 Albert Otto Jacob Gras Birth, Christening and Death Record
144 S1189 Albert Pershing Bowring Memorial
145 S1283 Albert Richard Kolkmeyer Obituary
The Orlando Sentinel 
146 S3635 Albert Wilhelm Obenland Birth and Christening Record
147 S2739 Albert William Bertschinger Birth Record
148 S1064 Alberta Kleinegger Memorial
149 S2961 Albrecht Ludwig Friedrich Weinmann Birth and Christening Record
150 S4636 Aldolph Emil Obenland Address 1937
The Oakloand Tribune 

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